Infertility testing

According to data of World Health Organization, 50 to 80 million women in the world suffer from infertility. This problem is being encountered by every seventh couple.

The diagnosis of infertility is defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after twelve months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.

If a woman is thirty years old or older, the monitoring period decreases to six months.

There are several types of infertility: female, male, and mixed. Therefore the treatment process begins by establishing the reasons of the infertility.

Both, a man and a woman, have to undertake the testing.

Infertility testing for a woman

During the first appointment doctor-reproductologist gathers anamnesis of history of the illness, and after a detailed discussion orders a series of analyses and tests to determine the reasons of infertility.
Following tests could be ordered:
– assessment of the hormone levels,
– determination of sexually transmitted infections,
– testing of passability of fallopian tubes,
– sometimes additional evaluation of the uterine cavity (hysteroscopy) and abdominal cavity (laparoscopy) are necessary.

Infertility testing for a man

First of all the quality of the sperm and its ability to fertilize the ovum is assessed.
The tests are carried out in the clinic, because it is of the utmost importance that the sperm is tested within one hour from the moment it has been submitted.
The samples of semen are collected in an especially dedicated room of the clinic.
However, the sample can be collected at home in a special container provided by the clinic. You should be able to deliver the sample to the clinic within forty minutes.
Before the test of the sperm you should abstain from:
– sexual contact for three to five days,
– taking medicine,
– taking hot baths or going to sauna.


If these requirements are not met, results of the spermogram could become distorted which renders the test useless.

After the couple has undergone the ordered tests, doctor-reproductologist determines the diagnosis and develops a customized treatment plan. If tests have indicated inability to conceive naturally, AVA CLINIC offers the most suitable treatment for the particular patient: intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) to bring the joy of parenthood even in the most complicated cases of infertility.

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