Egg donation

Success role for treatments using assisted reproductive technologies is very high. However, not all couples can achieve pregnancy using their own eggs or sperm. Such couples have only two options: use donated eggs or sperm, or undertake the long and arduous process of adoption.


For more than twenty years AVA Clinic has been successfully treating couples which, for various reasons, can not became pregnant using their own germ cells. Our success rate is 63-68%. We have our database of germ cell donors.


All our donors are healthy women aged 18 to 34 who want to help the anonymous couples dreaming to become parents. All donors in our database have European appearance, and they are selected according to strict international standards of quality.


Donation of eggs in Latvia are legal and anonymous.

Guaranty of treatment


- Examination and choice of a donor according to the legal requirements of Latvian Republic and strict international standards of quality.

- Choice of a suitable donor according to standard criteria (height, weight, eye and hair color, education, hobbies) and as close as possible visual resemblance.

- Recipient receives all eggs donated by the donor during the particular stimulation cycle. We do not share the eggs among recipients.

- Two best quality embryos will be prepared for embryo transfer (following the recommendations from doctor, the couple can decide how many embryos will be transferred during the embryo transfer).


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